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I’ve spent a bit of time this week going through old movies and photos of when my boys were young… photos and videos I haven’t looked at in years. One of my favourite families just had a second child. I photographed their first son as a newborn, at 6 months and again at one year and […]

This was my third shoot with this family (the final one of their Baby love package) and just like the first two, it was a blast. It was the winter version of this session – post baby (in fact that baby is now one). Backyard fire, marshmallows, snowball fights and hot chocolate… what could be better?

because although this shoot was really to mark little Gwen turning one… those sister shots kill me! And in my last post when I said it was my last shoot of the year and the last of the Christmas lights, well, I was wrong. For some reason I was thinking once Christmas was over, we had […]

I remember when my boys were young – that first year (along with pretty much all the years that follow) flew by way too fast but it amazes me still, how fast time flies. I photograph babies when they’re just a week or two old and then before I know it I’m back taking their 6 […]

A lot has changed in just under 6 months but not those gorgeous eyes and lashes! I love watching my Baby Love kiddos grow!

I think I get to photograph some of Calgary’s cutest kiddos! Here’s a  peek of how I get to spend some of my afternoons… (this was a playdate session their mom won through an instagram contest I held a couple of months ago. To keep up to date on my specials and get the scoop on any […]

I love being invited into clients’ homes to simply capture their everyday. Bedtime stories, baths… those moments you’ll treasure as your kids grow up. Bath time was always one of my favourite times when my boys were young and although we still read books together from time to time, they read to me and although pretty great […]

It wasn’t too long ago I went for a walk with this family (of three)… they’ve since added one to make a family of four (and he’s pretty cute!) This is part two of their three part Baby Love package. Contact me for more info… it’s pretty great!

Those first couple of weeks aren’t the only time you can photograph babies. This little guy was a couple of months old and was so sweet – wide-eyed and curious. My Baby Love package allows me to watch these little guys grow – three shoots at any stage during that first year. I love it! And look […]

I can give you a slew of reason why any age is awesome to capture but if I had to pick a favourite I think somewhere between 6 and 8 months would be at the top of my list. I loved it as a parent and I love it as a photographer. And you just have […]

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