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In the midst of Instagram and Pinterest perfection we somehow have this idea that everything should be beautiful. Families perched on a hill top with mountains in the background, perfectly styled wardrobes that coordinate with the long grasses surrounding them… you know, we’ve all seen and admired those images but while getting wrapped up in […]


Sep 17

I photographed Teresa, a local author, this summer for a piece in the South China Morning Post and became an instant fan. She sent me a pdf of her book Dear Scarlet before the shoot and I devoured it. It’s an honest take of her postpartum struggle in the form of a letter to her […]

Sessions with the first baby are always so calm and quiet. Things change a bit as the family grows and I love the chaotic element more kids bring to the scene but these first born sessions are so relaxing. This little guy was a dream… sleepy, sweet and adorable.

So this little guy was just over a month old when we did this session. Not your typical newborn shoot but I don’t think any session should be typical. Every family is unique and your session should be too so this was just perfect. We baked muffins, played in the snow, created a little art […]

I’ve been photographing this family since their first was born. Now a family of five, I got to meet little Alice Bird just weeks ago ♥️.  

I know I sound like a broken record at times but watching these kiddos grow is so much fun! This is my fifth session with this family and I’m already looking forward to the next!

One of the best things about my job is the people I meet. People who allow me into their homes, their lives and let me tell their story. This family travelled from New York so we had been in touch for some time before the session and what a treat it was to finally meet […]

I’ve spent a bit of time this week going through old movies and photos of when my boys were young… photos and videos I haven’t looked at in years. One of my favourite families just had a second child. I photographed their first son as a newborn, at 6 months and again at one year and […]

Another final session with one of my Baby love families. I love watching these kids grow up – from either just a bump or a newborn to a full on crawling, sometimes even walking one year old. It’s such a treat. You get to know the parents, the sibling(s) and watch them evolve as a […]

I’ve been offering weekday playdate sessions over the last couple of months and have decided to extend them into the month of April so if you’re interested, shoot me an email and we can get you on the calendar before it’s too late. Here’s a look at my latest playdate session…

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