So this is HUGE. You’ve decided you want photos – either of yourself, with your partner, your family… whichever one it is, it’s a big decision. There are loads of photographers out there and it is so important that you pick one whose style you LOVE. Every photographer has a different take on photos and a different eye. It’s just like choosing art – you don’t hang a piece on your wall just because your neighbour likes that artist or because you got it for a great price – you hang it because you love that artist and what their work says.

Here’s my take on family photos (and it’s pretty similar to couple and portrait shoots as well). I want to capture who you really are. I want to see how your family interacts, your little quirks (every family has them), and what makes you special. Photos of families looking perfect, sitting in a beautiful park all smiling have their place but I want to see some personality. I want to capture the things that you don’t want to forget… how your daughter twirls her hair when she gets excited or your son’s goofy but adorable laugh. I want to capture those little looks that often go unnoticed… all the things a formal portrait just can’t do. We’re not perfect so why should photos try and make us look that way. There’s beauty in imperfection – way more than in perfection… let me find what makes your family beautiful.  I want each shoot to be different than any one I’ve done before. Different places, different faces – it’s all about you, and what makes you unique.

Have a look through the galleries, check out my latest work on my blog, send me a note… whatever it takes to see if we’re a good fit.  I hope we are.