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Triplet Toddlers | Calgary family photographer

This is my fourth photo session with this family… I’ve loved every one! What a treat to watch these kiddos grow (check here, here and here for some more cuteness). Throughout the session I had to keep reminding myself to shoot and not just watch or play. Triplet toddlers making their way around St Patrick Island with their big sister leading the way was pretty adorable. And I know I’ve mentioned this before but as an only child, I find larger families so interesting but larger families with multiples… they’re pretty amazing!

And if anyone is looking to squeeze in a last minute fall session, now is the time. It looks like we have another week or so of decent weather ahead of us so shoot me an email and we’ll get something on the calendar.

Triplet session by Calgary photographer Kelly MacDonald

Adorable triplets photoshoot on St Patrick Island

Fun family photos in Calgary by Kelly MacDonald

Fun multiples photo session at a playground in Calgary

Calgary family with triplets photographed at St Patricks Island

Family photos with Calgary skyline in the background

They make me smile... | Calgary family photographer

Meet Oliver…


and Hugh…



and their awesome parents (who I’m proud to call friends). Virginia is a local (brilliant) photographer – check her out here if you aren’t familiar her work. I first ‘officially’ met Virginia at a photography workshop in Toronto and now she lives just minutes away. She made our transition to Calgary much easier fielding my MANY emails with questions about schools, neighbourhoods, doctors, summer camps… you name it.

Another sunny, gorgeous fall evening (and I’m still hoping for many more).