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It goes by way too fast... | Calgary child photographer

That first year, I don’t know where it goes. There are times when you have a screaming baby in your arms and you feel like you’ll never be free again, and then there are times you wish it would all slow down. Slow down long enough to enjoy every last moment, every new sound, every new look, everything. People warn you it goes by too quickly but until that first year passes by, you don’t fully realize just how fast it goes. How quickly they turn from this helpless little thing that just wants cuddled all day to a funny little independent voice that is ready to take on the world. Really… at one? It’s shocking. And those next 5 years, seem to fly by even faster.

All we can do is enjoy the ride. Savour little moments and squeeze them as tight as we can.

It’s always a privilege when clients ask me to capture that first year. I recently did Sloane’s one year photo shoot. Here’s a favourite from her newborn and her 6 month session along with some from her (almost) one year.

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calgary newborn photographer

calgary newborn photographer

Sloane Grace | Calgary newborn photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting this wee lady and her family this past weekend. She was teeny, tiny and so adorable! And when she is ready, she’ll be sleeping in style – her nursery was gorgeous! I had to include the last image – it makes me smile. Can’t you just picture a microphone in her hand… future rockstar   ; )

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