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more from Pasley Island...

Well I’ve already posted about the gorgeous island and how much I miss it. Still do. Now I’ll share some shots of what brought me there. JinkyArt is a name synonymous with creativity, flair and pure genius when it comes to child photography. Barb Uil, the face behind Jinky, was one of the first photographers I admired just starting out and my admiration hasn’t weaned. That said, it was a thrill to meet Barb who travelled all the way from Australia to give us a peek inside her brilliance. Barb, you truly are amazing and I thank you for your openess and willingness to share. You made a fabulous weekend even more fabulous and I thank you.

Here’s just a peek into how we filled our days…



from top row: wee babe on a beach, same babe attacked by the workshop paparazzi; full day of rain followed by a magnificent double rainbow – it’s real!; a few candids of our host’s boys who reminded me of my own; our gorgeous host Rebecca and her adorable family; more Rebecca and family; Barb and our little ‘fairy’ model; she was so perfect and can you believe that mossy forest?

Way back in December... | Woodstock, Ontario family photographer

…I did a little open your heart and I’ll open mine offer where I asked people to nominate someone they thought deserved a photo shoot. Everyone knows someone. I received a lot of nominations and believe me, choosing just one was one of the toughest things I’ve had to do but I did it and it wasn’t until this past weekend that I finally got to meet the winner and her family.

It was a hot evening (no surprise there) and this wee girl, just 10 months old, definitely kept us on our toes.