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I just love the beach...

…and am sad to think that, aside from one last scheduled beach session, I’ll have to wait until next summer to feel the sand in between my  toes again. This was one of those shoots that was postponed a few times (with the first try back in the fall of 2010) but we finally got a good night. Here are just some of the shots.



Four is a pretty sweet number...

My clients mean a lot to me. I couldn’t do what I love to do without them. And the ones in the post below, well they’re super special! This is their fourth shoot! I’ve had the pleasure of watching these kiddos grow up – that’s a huge honour and I thank you Julia and Steffen and all of my clients for that matter.

thank you.


Before the rain started to fall... | Waterloo family photographer

The weather and I have had a few issues this summer. Some days it has been my best friend and others, it has totally let me down. (I’m writing this on a day that I have attempt number three with a family scheduled – we’ve been rained out the last two times. Tonight is a beach shoot and what is the weather network saying… TORNADO WATCH)

On this night I drove to a gorgeous location to meet this family hoping the rain would hold off. With dark clouds in the distance, we started shooting but not even half way in, drops started to fall. So this post is part one with part two to follow (on a nicer day and new location). I’m looking forward to spending more time with this gorgeous family. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I have the best clients! And this one (mom that is) also happens to be a photographer. You can view Catherine’s work here!  She’s great.

What a treat... | Kitchener family photographer

When I first began this photography adventure, there were a few photographers I looked to for inspiration. Christine Kufske was one of them. When I heard the amazing things she was doing in our community through a little organization called Smiling Eyes, I jumped on board. So needless to say, when Christine asked me to photograph her family I was both honoured and thrilled. Not only is she a fabulous photographer, beautiful person (inside and out), she’s a pretty cool mom. She let the girls choose their own outfits and how they’d like their hair styled for the shoot so what you see here is 100% them. Now that’s cool.


Get ready... | Port Burwell family photographer

…because this is a long one!

Maybe it’s because I’m in a sharing kind of mood. Maybe it’s the gorgeous light we had. Maybe it’s me missing the beach with my boys. Maybe it’s because these kids are just too cute. And yes, I’m a wee bit bias when it comes to this family and their kiddos. They’re good friends, in fact Dana (the gorgeous mom) and I actually went to high school together and had our first babes just one day apart so I have watched these kids grow up. It was a fun session – my first beach session of the year (there’s another coming up in a week or so) and we had a perfect day for it. We hit the beach in the early evening and stayed close to sundown.

This is what summer memories are made of.