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Rain and Shine | Calgary baby photographer

We had an unusual amount of rain in Calgary this summer. Everything was beautiful and green but it messed with my calendar a bit. Shoots were scheduled and then either rescheduled or reshot because of nasty weather. This was one of those sessions but it all worked out in the end – the sun came out for our second visit and I got to see their super cute wee man twice.

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calgary baby photographer

Three times the cake, three times the fun | Calgary multiples photographer

I first photographed this family just before the triplets made their appearance, then again when they were a couple of months old and here we are now as they’re turning one.

I have a huge soft spot for these three. They’re adorable, their big sister is awesome and their parents are so great… perfect family to be born into. I’ve had so much fun being a part of their first year. It’s bittersweet… I don’t want it to end.

calgary multiples photographer

calgary baby photographer

calgary family photographer

6 months already | Calgary baby photographer

I remember when my boys were young – that first year (along with pretty much all the years that follow) flew by way too fast but it amazes me still, how fast time flies. I photograph babies when they’re just a week or two old and then before I know it I’m back taking their 6 month photos. Feels like yesterday when I first met Nora.

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